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Default Re: Andy Hug appreciation thread

Andy Hug was one of those rare quality fighters in a division that typically lacks quality, the heavyweights. He was always in shape, flexible and fast more like a middleweight than a heavy. He had that rare skill of taking the rigid art of Karate and making it practical and useful against MT in a full contact enviroment, the K-1 tourney and being succesful with it. He adapted his form of Katate into a powerful free flowing form, beautiful to watch. That axe kick!

He really helped the K-1 build in rep internationally and was important for Karate at a time when Muay Thai was starting to become a recognized force and starting to dominate in full contact enviroments outside of Thailand such as kickboxing and K-1. Karate was stuggling big time in the 90s having been exposed as unpractical in the full contact arena, however Hug become the poster boy for Karate in a kickboxing age and went along way to save some face for the white pyjama brigade.

Above all he always came to fight, always looked classy in the ring, always looked in shape and was a huge loss to the scene when he died. He had a massive impact and will always be remembered and missed by fight fans.

Whenever I saw him fight outwardly I wanted him to lose cos I never had much respect for Karate, but secretly inside I'd admire him fight and part of me was happy when he won. He was a Heavyweight legend.

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