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Default Re: Which ****** fighters will move to match room by the end of 2012?

Originally Posted by fatcity View Post
Matchroom is just the flavour of the month.Froch is the only one who has had success in World Title fights t my knowledge
since Eddie has taken over.
As boxing fans, and fighters does that matter?
How many of his stable have fought for world title would be a better question?

FW's fighters have world titles, but normally hand picked easy routes, followed by home easy defences. Personally I think its brilliant that some promoters and fighters want more than the devalued ten a penny straps currently doing the rounds.

Boring world titles that FW was serving up is what had boxing on life support on Sky, Matchroom like it or not, have been an adrenalin shot in the arm. Hopefully ch5 and Box nation follow suit by getting promoters to make the fights the public wants to see, and stop protecting those 0's.

You can't knock a promoter for giving the fans what they want? That's just good business and frankly doing his job.
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