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Default Re: 71 Ali vs Marciano

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Fleisher is very famous but rarely seems to make much sense.

It's pretty obvious Marciano's opposition was 2 or 3 levels above Dempsey/Jeffries opposition and maybe better than Louis opposition. Dempsey and JEffries have very weak opposition and neither have beat anyone in the league of a Walcott, Charles, Moore or Louis

As a technical pressure fighter he's a few levels above Dempsey because Dempsey had no jab and often a defence that you can penetrate with your eyes closed. Marciano had a much better defence than Dempsey, was fitter, a better bodypuncher, much harder hitter, stronger and better at breaking opponents down

Dempsey was an ideal opponent for a skilled boxers to outbox, Charles, Walcott and Moore would all beat Dempsey by wide decisions

Ali went onto rate Marciano very highly for the record, above Frazier for one
All the names you mentioned were shot fighters, and this isn't simply assertion. Its known. Marciano fights any of them 10-5 years prior he gets beat badly.

I've heard that quote where Ali talks about Marciano, out of respect he puts down Frazier to hold Marciano up simply because of old-timey respect.
All jokes aside, Marciano cant come close to Frazier. Lets not even head in that direction.
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