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Default Re: 71 Ali vs Marciano

Originally Posted by laxpdx View Post
I believe a 60's Ali at his athletic peak would prevail, but not post-layoff... Ali from '71 onward relied more on the ropes, while Marciano was a far more damaging puncher than Frazier, and would keep coming...and coming...and coming. The sheer roughness of Marciano helps him take a points win, while Ali is more bruised up than he was after FOTC.
This post is quite curious.

Maricano a far more damaging fighter than Joe Frazier? What?
Joe Frazier is the fighter that continuously brought the heat. In the FOTC no one could have continued to come forward on Ali besides Frazier.
Marciano? He had no where near the style-points, sheer physical strength,defensive technique, fakes or feints that Frazier had just to be able to fight the fight he fought that night, and Frazier still ended up looking worse than Ali did. Marciano would have gotten murdered by FOTC Ali, Frazier was rumored to have died. Marciano would have.

I cant believe you would want to give FOTC status to Marciano. That guy was never in a hellacious fight in entire career. Marciano wouldn't have been able to be a sparring partner for FOTC Frazier, and yet you want to give him FOTC status despite the fact that Marciano never had such a great fight in his entire career.
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