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Default Re: 71 Ali vs Marciano

Originally Posted by TG1 View Post
I've watched virtually everything there is to see on both men and it's a mismatch.

None of the men Marciano defended against come close to a '71 Ali and Marciano would be cut to ribbons. The only men to trouble Ali, in working order, would be a prime Tyson, Holmes, Holyfield, Lewis or Bowe.

The great champions giving away 30+lbs in weight, against Alli, are out of their depth and nostalgia isn't a sufficient enough excuse to say otherwise.

Johnson, Louis, Marciano etc? Toast!
Dude this is extreme .. if Marciano's skin held up, a huge if, it is an interesting fight as Rocky is a murderous puncher with either hand for 15 rounds and could handle Ali's power ... that much is sure .. I do believe Ali has the size, speed , reach, chin and strength to win but lets get real ... if Chuvalo gave him a battle in 66 you don;t think the far better Marciano can do the same ?
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