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Default Re: the future of british boxing?

Originally Posted by rampant View Post
your a strange one, again I know its difficult for you!

If he put the cards on Sky in the first place it we probably wouldnt be here, he didnt, infact he put **** cards on PPV.

Sky initially got sucked into it until they realised.

When Sky said nah, we only want quality cards and no longer PPV, YES Frank through his dummy out! Its clear for all to see......or is it pictures you need? lets look through the round window!
Sky have never cared about quality cards, all they cared about was revenue. If Frank's PPVs had generated money, they'd still be on.

Also - it's "you're" "it's" and "threw".

The reality was that Sky wouldn't offer him the dates, a practice it has continued now only favouring it's in-house promoter, Matchroom. So Frank did a smart thing - if you can't get a game, make your own game.

If you weren't such a re**** you'd figure it out.
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