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Default Re: the future of british boxing?

Originally Posted by flatulent_bob View Post
Only the smart thing IF Boxnation makes money, and if he doesn't lose a lot of fighters don't want to leave due to lack of exposure.

I realise they are linked (more subscribers, more exposure, more money etc) however at this moment in time it doesn't look like the smart move from Frank.
Fighters not being paid, high profile fighters wanting to leave to fight on SKY, Box nation struggling to appease its subscribers. It anything happens to the Chisora/Haye fight I think he'll be facing a real **** storm

I would say we will be able to answer the question with more certainty over the next year or so.
What was the alternative?

So many pseudo-businessmen on this forum, yet none who seem to grasp basic call and response. Frank couldn't get the dates he wanted and needed. So he created a platform where he could.

It's a gamble, like all business ventures, but quite a few people on here said "Won't last three months" and it's still here.

TV channels are long-term ventures. I keep saying this because people seem a bit thick and don't remember, Sky was making losses ten years after it first started. It was a long-term investment for News Corp and its other shareholders.

It might take three years for a single channel to become fully self-sufficient, but I think it focused on the right things to grow - a steady stream of high-quality international fights, some decent domestic stuff, the Bunce hour, and now a big marquee event to boost numbers.

People just need to stop proclaiming its doom and see what happens. For my money, I think it was the right thing for Frank to do.
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