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Default Re: the future of british boxing?

Originally Posted by glue glove View Post
DFTaylor hates Hearn shocker.

DFTaylor defends ****** shocker.
I know this is often too subtle for idiots like you, but I'll try and keep it simple. I don't like Frank in the slightest, but some people hate him on principle rather than on evidence.

For most of the last decade Frank was the only guy keeping boxing on TV. The fact Sky has the position it has now is largely down to him, as well as the masterful job he did with Hatton.

I don't hate Hearn at all. I actually quite like him and I think it's good to have some competition in the sport. But let's also balance that up - he was largely involved in Haye-Harrison, a fight many on here still complain about. He's been pivotal in Carl Frampton's less than inspiring TTG-type opponents.

My point is, he's just another promoter. He seems more interested in protecting his relationship with Sky than genuinely growing the sport. That's fine, but he's not the boxing messiah. If it comes down to it and he can make a fortune putting on ****, he will.

He's already done it - it's called Prizefighter.

On balance, Hearn gets too much credit for taking other promoters' fighters and watching them lose. Frank gets too little credit for building some of these guys from scratch.

That make sense?
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