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Default Re: Froch Bute - a little overated?!

Originally Posted by Primadonna Kool View Post
Since Joe Calzaghe beat Jeff Lacey, he has never ever been stopped even though he suffered a career threatening injury, which reduced his style and power in his right arm. I don't think Jeff Lacey was overrated, he beat guys, and he destroyed the last of a very solid great super middle weight in Robin Reid.

If you pitch Calzaghes 8 best wins against Frochs 8 best wins, Calzaghe has a better resume. Eubanks has a better resume, why is Carl Froch getting credit when he losers a fight? Boxing at the end of the day is about winning, like David Haye stated.

Calzaghe beat more proven super middle weights, Jermaine Taylor was a no mark at super middle weight, so was Arthur Abraham, Lucian Bute is a good fighter? But not really tried and tested.

Jean Pascal is Carl Froches best win, and 3 of Calzaghe oponents where better than Jean Pascal. Chris Eubanks, Bernard Hopkins even the 4 years older Bernard Hopkins, and I also think the shot Roy Jones would of beaten Jean Pascal? He is too much of a re****. How on earth do you get hit by Carl Froch n a reg? In my opinion real elite fighters with athletic ability, and above average toughness will beat Froch easy.

He is just too slow, the slowest champion pound for pound since Georege Foreman. Jermaine Taylor could of won, if his stamina was not so ****.....he was beating Froch easy until he suddenly started to fade, Froch is like one of them **** Zombies off Residents evil for the play station 1.

Froch is a massive overachiever I give him credit for that.

I usually like your posts PK, but that was a complete load of *******s
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