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Default Re: the future of british boxing?

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
It's never ever a good idea to give a promoter a monopoly. It always leads to a drop in standards. It's the same issue with Top Rank, GBP, etc. Soon as HBO gives them secured dates before agreeing the fights, you get a big headliner in an uncompetitive match and a **** undercard.

Have Matchroom really delivered?

The sympathy for Hatton is because he has a decent stable, is obviously developing a stable, and along with Frank is responsible for the boxing brand being strong on Sky.
Yes but I would say that was a HBO issue. As long as the quality control of properly maintained by Sky TV and they have final say

For the right fight they let there guys go on other promoters shows. Harrison vs Haye, McCloskey vs Khan, Barker vs Martinez. Also shows there prepared to take a punt. Put any of the other promoters in charge of those 3 at the point they signed for those fights and we would have seen European title defences for another 2 years.

I would say over the last 2 years Matchroom have delivered. Whatever you think about Haye vs Harrison its sold out and got mega viewing figures. McCloskey got in witBrook vs Hatton, Ndou and Jackeswiek, Barker got a world title fight, Rees is European champion, Froch got Bute in England after the super 6. There smaller cards have also been good 50-50s like Purdy vs Lynnes. Prizefighter also brings in the viewing figures.

How many big shows have Hatton and Maloney put on in the last 2 years?

Hattons only big show has been June 16th.
Maloney had the Price fight last month.
****** ditched them and he kept pulling shows anyway.
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