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Default Re: Could Marciano have feasibly went 77-0 in place of Dempsey?

Originally Posted by burt bienstock View Post
Dempsey was fighting in saloons from the age of 14...By the time he was 32 he was fighting 18 years...A long time for say that Rocky wouldn't have lost to Gene Tunney twice...Did you not know that Dempsey
did not FIGHT FOR THREE YEARS, when he foolishly without a warm-up bout ,without his mentor Jack Kearns, fougfht Tunney in 1926 . ?
THREE years in Hollywood screwing the slent screen sirens and without a tune-up made JacK Dempsey , Jack Dempsey in name only...Tell me M what HW in history could not fight for three years, and without ONE tune-up fight,at the worn age of 32 beat the razor-sharp underated Gene Tunney ?
-I'm aware of that but Dempsey's known professional record begins at the age of 19. The start of the 77 fights in question.

-Yeah, I addressed all that in the post you quoted and explained my position.
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