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Default Re: Could Marciano have feasibly went 77-0 in place of Dempsey?

Originally Posted by DonBoxer View Post
I like Marciano over every one of Dempseys opponents but i just dont see him beating Tunney.
I see your point Don, so i'd say Marciano would go 75-2 most likely.

I think the 3 year Hollywood layoff badly damages Rocky's chances against Tunney no matter how hard he trained (which would certainly involved Spartan-like dedication to supreme conditioning), even though he'd still do notably better than Dempsey & actually make it a tough fight even if the cards were wide, I see there being enough close rounds for it to not be called an easy nights work for Gene.

Peak Marciano however would've given Tunney a 50/50 trilogy I think though, whereas Dempsey would always be made to look a fool.
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