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Default Re: the future of british boxing?

Originally Posted by Jonsey View Post
You said he wasnt a ticket seller but DeGale vs Groves got 18,000 in the 02 which is more than any other fight in the UK last year.

You have to be kidding me!!! As his promoter and manager its everything to do with him. Care to explain the job description of a promoter and a manager?
But Frank doesn't get credit for the excellent promotion he did of that fight?

Curious perspective, Rob. But ask why DeGale fought Smith in Liverpool and you quickly realise DeGale didn't shift all 18,000 of those tickets. Who was on the card again? Pretty much all of Frank's name fighters - Cleverley? Smith? Saunders? Etc, wasn't it?

Frank can only promote what he's got. Some people just don't tally with the audience - in James' case it's because he's a complete ****. That was apparent when he won the Gold - he got very little coverage because the media didn't like him, same as most viewers don't seem to like him.
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