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Default Review and Comparison of 2 Cleto reyes Headgears

I really think there needs to be a section for equipment not just one thread*

For those who havnt seen my review on the wide vision (black headgear) heres the link

Old Steel Bar Style ( Nylon model)


Looks Great
Very Well Padded
Great Nose Protection

So this is my second headgear and honestly, the last headgear i got i gave it away to my brother. This headgear provides so much protection to the nose, it's also very well padded. I remember taking a few shots in sparring that never seemed to hurt. I honestly don't mind getting hit with punches in this. The sting of the punches is definently gone. Your ears are very well protected as you can see from the pictures. This headgear is very compact and does not leave alot of room for any movement around your head. You can take multiple punches and the headgear will barely move, i don't find myself ad******g this headgear often or at all acually. I was able to slip punches well, the bar wasn't too low or too high. There isn't much else to say about this headgear other than this is a top headgear.




I honestly don't have anything bad to say about this headgear!



Cleto Reyes Wide Vision Nylon Facebar


So the differences in my opinion are that, the vision on the white headgear is a bit more obstructed but not by much, i can practically see everything still. While the wide version has better vision with in return for the bar being lower. The ear padding is much different. I found taking hooks in sparring when you get hit with black headgear you'll find yourself hearing a loud smack and it really shaking you up. Not only that the headgear will move a bit, probably due to my head being a bit smaller. Now taking a hook to the white headgear, i think that since the ear padding isn't blended with the rest of the headgear the shock absorbtion really feels less spread but at the same time does not hurt as much. I acually did not feel much when getting hit. Another big difference is that the white one is much more compact with the more padding around the important areas and some areas around the ear padding with no padding because boxing gloves will most likely hit the ear padding than any of those areas. Nose protection i give the white headgear the better rating because the bar is higher up to where my nose is exactly while the wide style has a bigger space and i found the glove touching the nose sometimes when taking some punches in sparring. The white headgear weighs less about 1lb less. Not only that, when taking punches the white headgear will almost never move while the black headgear will move often but little when hit on the bar.


Overall I have to say the white headgear is the much better headgear for those reasons.

Old Steel Bar Nylon Facebar
- Better Nose Protection
- Lighter
- More Compact
- More comfortable
- Better Shock Absorbtion

Wide Nylon Facebar
-Better Vision

Both headgears are great but for the same price. If you had trouble choosing like me then the Old steel bar style is the best choice! Especially if you have the smaller head. Another small thing to add is that you can fold the white headgear unlike the black one and will fit much better in your bag!
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