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Default Re: Pacquiao or Mayweather...who exceeded our expectations more?

Originally Posted by Bladegunner View Post
Nice spin, but that is not what you said, the fact is williams at the time could campaign easily at WW/LMW/MW, he could make either weight he said this time and time again. So cut the ****.

In 2008 he fought Quintana twice at WW, in 2008 he went up in weight again to fight Kolle which u say was at Middleweight, in 2008 he then went back down again to fight Phillips at 154.

And do you know why he went to 154 for the phillips fight and gave up his WW title? It was because he couldn't secure a meaningful fight at WW.

Piguanani I thought it was about fighting the best? As long as Williams can make weight at 147 what's the problem?
so a noob ***** suggested that pac should have fought williams at WW instead of oscar back then and you are riding that bandwagon?

i already proven you guys that williams has already fought as a MW when pac first fought as a WW. also after oscar, pac fought the other relevant WWs at the time while williams stayed at the higher weight and floyd fought marquez.

so you guys are saying that pac should have fought williams instead of oscar at 147 then? are you saying that pac should have fought williams instead of hatton and williams instead of cotto?
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