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Default Re: Pacquiao or Mayweather...who exceeded our expectations more?

Originally Posted by SugarShane_24 View Post
To answer the question, Pacquiao has exceeded expectation much more.

Simply put, Floyd was grew up in boxing. Dad and 2 uncles were talented pros. Floyd was an olympian, and was groomed to be a champion (or multiple) as soon as he turned pro. So him winning a lot of title is more or less warranted by his abilities. Though winning it 6 times was exceeding expectations as well.

On the other hand, Pac was a wild swinging slugger who has only his power and fighting heart as a foundation. Plus he was already stopped. He was an underdog on his first title shot for starters, simply because Sasakul was better skilled. And it showed, it was only his power that saved the day. Then he got stopped again and few people thought he'll be a champion again. But he did. And then the achievements piled up, the win over Ledwaba, Barrera and beyond.

So in terms of expectations, it was Pacquiao.
fair points.
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