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Default Re: Pacquiao or Mayweather...who exceeded our expectations more?

Originally Posted by puga_ni_nana View Post
this is not the thread topic but i can comment on this. pacquiao having close fights (having won 2 and drawn one) against his stylistic nightmare in jmm is not a minus to pac's ring generalship. pac can actually make this a harder and a stinker if he would stop being the aggressor in the first place and just wait for jmm to initialize in every opportunity and be a counter-puncher solely. knowing that jmm would not take that much of a chance, this would be a very boring fight. pac brought the figth to jmm, and expectedly struggled against a superb counterpuncher.

so your turn now and kindly give your answer for this thread.

So you're admitting Juan was the ring general in those fights, but you just said you're basing your opinion of Pacquiao's ring generalship on those fights.

And I would give my opinion on this thread if it was worth the trouble, which it isn't. Just as **** as the rest of your threads.
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