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Default Re: 71 Ali vs Marciano

I think Ali's power gets underrated at times. While certainly not a power puncher, He could get your attention with a well placed shot. Look what he did to Lyle in thier fight. He basically played with Ron until the 11th round when he landed a laser right hand and for all intents and purposes ended the fight as Lyle was helpless after that and Ron was a big strong heavyweight who could take a punch. Liston himself admitted that Ali could punch pretty hard so I don;t think it's fair to say that Ali couldn't punch because he could. Combine that with his speed and accuracy and Rocky could be in for some rough moments. The reverse is also true of course but Rocky will be punching up all night at a very mobile heavyweight with one of the best chins in the history of the HW well as one of the best jabs to boot,,,at the end of an 80" reach no less. Makes me think of a fighter bomber attacking a tank.
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