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Default Re: 71 Ali vs Marciano

Originally Posted by Seamus
Frazier was bigger, faster, better footwork, and yes, had better stamina. He was more adapted to fighting real heavyweights. The Rock, who I hold in the greatest esteem, was only a heavyweight in an era deficient of such.

My opinions are absolutely consistent. Don't play armchair psychiatrist.
Hmn, everything in check here. Yes. Lets go on.

Originally Posted by redrooster View Post
Frazier was never fast. Better footwork? What was he, Jim Corbett?

where do u guys come up with this stuff?
He made a relative comparison.
Joe Frazier is bigger than Marciano.
Joe Frazier better footwork than Marciano.
Joe Frazier's stamina more lasting than Marciano? Ill say. He took three megafights with the Greatest boxer. Beaten but never tired. Yeah. He had better stamina too..

As for your question as to where 'u guys come up with this stuff?'
Probably from watching fight reels. You should try it. It helps. Seriously it does.
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