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Default Re: Artur Szpilka vs Gonzalo Omar Basile

Originally Posted by damian38 View Post
tonight was the first time I ever saw this kind of Szpilka, cold and calculating, waiting for the right moment to strike
Like when his opponent was down? Well, maybe it was just an old habit from his hooligan days... just joking

Szpilka won and his style is entertaining for public. That is what counts for the moment, since I do not expect him to fight more dangerous opponents in about 5 next fights. So he is safe for a year or two.

However, I hoped he will present some kind of defence, especially after the accident with Saulsberry. His guard was still wide open, and when he was coming forward and missing right hook it was just asking for trouble - any opponent with some speed and skills would've countered him easily and put him down even with relatively weak punch.
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