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Default Re: Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
I honestly don't understand your intentions with this post. I think you're trying to support HNN and his actions but you end up exposing him even more.

HNN can't wait because he has the stadium booked in Guinea

- HNN is a challenger so he doesn't dictate location

- HNN was forced to go after another opponent because the arena in Guinea was booked.....yet he fought in France

- He couldn't wait....yet Pirog fought his replacement Ishida 3 days before HNN fought Bursak

Thanks for reinforcing my points on HNN having ducked Pirog.
I'm surprised you read it that way, as it's written up it's the most farcical title maneuvering you'll ever see. I think my putting "injured" in quotes threw you off. He may or may not have been injured, I get the impression he had no interest in fighting in Equatorial Guinea. For good reasons:

1. he's the champ, HNN not even mandatory with wbo. If he wants a fight, go to Russia or put together a sweet package for France
2. it was a bogus offer, as you'd suspect, and as it turned out
3. Equatorial Guinea, really?
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