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Originally Posted by Totalpac View Post
As Chauncy said, no one denies Alex is a huge threat so for it to happen it has to tick all the boxes.

Alex needs this fight more than Chauncy does, so of course until it suits Chauncy's conditions he will look else where.

You dont spend years building a resume, to risk it for something that half ticks the boxes.

I appreciate your professional responses on this forum Chauncy, just be careful not to get dragged in to to much slanging.

**** off with your jealousy demori. what youve attempted is thinly vieled attempt at talking welliver out of it. when what it really is , is jealousy, for the winner would rightly be the best heavy in the southern hemeshere, and demori would then have to step up, or be exposed as the pretender he is.

welliver vs leapai is actually a "best of" southern hemesphere title fight. you could argue a case for tua (is he retired?) and kali, but they are both on the old side and have had their shot.

now is the time of welliver and leapai. the schooled boxer in welliver, vs the raw, powerful leapai. winner deservedly is the best boxer down under.

i hope welliver takes this fight. it will show he is a genuine, fair dinkum heavy that really does want to make a statement that he is the best down under. $$ shouldnt count for everything. at some point you have to prove you are the man.
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