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Default Edinburgh / East of Scotland Boxing

Something ive been meaning to do for a while ,but iwhile Glasgow has tradtionally been seen as the natural boxing capital in Alba, i think Edinburgh is getting a strong vibrant scene

Over the last 12 months we have seen AAA promotions put on two shows which have sold well ,and we have a good rosters of local fighters with Appleby/Simmonds/Arthur/McEwan/Anderson/and John Thain (who i think will go quite far)

also amatuer wise ,edinburgh has quite a few clubs and probelry a stronger amatuer scene than the pro scene in edinburgh .The Edinburgh v Londond/Universaties shows have been well recived and there are a few more planned aswell ....

While im not saying it will overtake Glasgow up here (not unless we can get an arena which has at least 6000 seats) ,i think its fair to say were overlooked a bit .....Just my thougths and worth sharing

also Aberdeen has quite good attended fights with McCallister and his briothert doing reguler shows
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