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Default Re: Luxembourg Boxing Federation set to reconsider sanctioning Haye v Chisora

Originally Posted by Icarus Flies View Post
It's a buetiful day. I enjoyed a nice bottle of Frascati in the garden. This news is just the icing on the case.

Up yer bum DFTAYLOR or whoever you really are, a Haye camp hanger on is my guess.

OK, sweetheart - time to clear this up once and for all. I have no connection to Haye, never met him, never been involved with him or anyone in his employ.

I know you seem to have some serious issue with this fight, for no other reason than some misguided moral high ground, but you are very much in the minority.

This may be really difficult for you to comprehend, but I just don't have an issue with the fight. It's not a great match, but Haye is coming off a loss and a long break, and this would normally be classed as a warm-up. Exactly what it is!

Sure Chisora and Haye were ****s in Munich. But no one died, no one got seriously hurt, and it was a bit of a harmless scuffle. Peple call it a brawl - jeez, have they seen the local pub here on a Saturday? Maybe in the lovely parts of London, but here that would be seen as a ***** fight.

There have been much worse in previous fights - Lewis-Tyson, Lewis-Rahman and every one always talks about what a gent Lennox is! Never saw the BBBoC sanction him, or the WBC either.

The hypocrisy is hilarious from the WBC, who have condemned the fight while allowing women-beater Floyd Mayweather, thug Saul Alvarez, and drug user Chavez Jr to hold its belts. They also had no issue with Edwin Valero holding a title despite him battering **** out of his wife. And a senior member of the BBBoC sits on its board too.

So get ****ed with your moral high ground and smug self-satisfaction. The article says nothing of substance, and the amount of money on the table you really think someone else won't pick it up?
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