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Default Re: Edinburgh / East of Scotland Boxing

Originally Posted by billy nelson View Post
If Alex Morrison and i put a show on in Edinburgh Simmons would do 400 Apps 200 maybe and id need to put boys i manage who are good ticket sellers to make it work,i know John Thain isnt a ticket seller only doing 30-40 for Rickys last show?
With the fullest of respect AAA wasnt a ticket seller when he was British and euro champ, FW would put Gary Young on his shows coz he sold plenty Gary was without doubt the best ticket seller in Edinburgh
i remeber Young /McMillan and it was put on in Glasgow , which i personally thought was an oppertunity missed as it could have been put on in Edinburgh and as you say Young is a good ticket seller ...

your point about the last AAA show in attendance figures ,but at least Alex is giving it a stab .

As for Frank putting shows on in Glasgow, yes the Moses/burns card was ,but before that Billy, Burns last two fights were down south because of the low turnout for Burns/Laryea fight .which was ashame but boxing is a buisness i spose...
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