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Default Re: Wich fightstyle will Haye use against Chisora?

Countering using foot movement on the back foot and showing different angles should be the key for him to have a relatively straight forward night. The 'go Tyson' or 'stand his ground and dsih it out' options are a bit soft really. When's Haye ever done that? He's not going to change now, especially for a fight with Chisora.

The thing is, although Del Boy's head movement when coming inside is pretty decent for a Heavyweight, his relative success in his last couple of fights vs. Helenius and Vitali has came against plodders whose movement is average at best. He hasn't had to thing much about cutting off the ring when his last 2 opponents have let him walk in in straight lines. With a decent enough guard and good head movement, he's been able to block punches and come back with shots of his own.

But Haye's a completely different challenge. He won't be the one looking to lead off like the taller Vitali & Helenius have attempted to do vs Chisora and we've seen how Chisora's punches are quite wide and leave him open when he's the one trying to get off first. That will give Haye plenty of chances to look for single counters or to set up combinations IMO, despite the Chisora defence, and that is where Haye's power really comes from as the speed of the punches his opponent can't see really takes its toll. If he evades enough of Del Boy's lead off shots to make this really efefctive over 12 rounds, I see Haye winning by stoppage.
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