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Default Re: Stephen Smith's performance / future / Selby ???

Originally Posted by Lance View Post
Good post,
Steven should take a long hard look at how his career is going, and maybe a change in trainer would benefit him in the long run
Any ideas who he could go to?

I'd suggest he goes back to his old amateur trainer.... you don't become a bad fighter overnight, some bad habits have crept into his work, and his weakness on the inside is proving his undoing.

Any time he comes up against a referee that will let the opponent work in close he'll struggle, even when he's levels above.

The problem is that it's not something you can teach, it's natural and learned from being a kid....

Originally Posted by Boxing****yst View Post
He HAS to leave Gallagher if he's going to be successful beyond domestic level.

Swifty looked really poor the other night, he's a boxer not a ****ing brawler, wasted talent.

If he gets back in the ring with Selby he will get outclassed and sparked...again!
Agreed. Whilst it might seem like I've got an axe to grind with Gallagher, it ought to be blatantly obvious to him that the current routine they've got going on isn't working.

There's a difference between a ''pressure fighter'' like a Chavez or even a Hatton (who's basically a watered down version) - some clever movement inside and good fight.... and plodding, ''follow the opponent around whilst getting hit'' Gallagher fighters.

That style is alright for a John Murray, but a boxer or counter puncher should do things differently. Not many trainers can train ALL kinds of fighters.

Steward likes tall jabbers with the emphasis being on back hand power shots
Beristain works best with technical boxer punchers like Lopez and Rafael Marquez
The Ingles prefer loose limbed, fleet footed guys

and so on. Roach might be the most versatile, but his fighters still get nailed with uppercuts if they've an opponent capable of throwing them.

Originally Posted by HMSTempleGarden View Post
where have I read and seen that before
Probably a thousand times
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