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Originally Posted by AlFrancis View Post
Are you saying that Olivares ducked Rodolfo Martinez?
Reading his record again and more carefully , it is possible that he didn't duck any1 , he just was not able 2 hold on his title 4 long , another 1 of d many short reigning titlists , albeit a multiple time short reigning titlist but unlike some of d others of his kind , when he lost it he lost it fair and square , as opposed 2 being robbed from it .
I consider such a status as inferior 2 a perennial contender/titlist like Steve Collins/Carl Froch/Oliver McCall/David Tua/Aaron Davis/Jose Luis Lopez/Jorge Castro , who regularly fights d best , and always (or at least much more often) lasts 2d end and maintains his greatness in actually proving he is as deserving of d title as d titlists who won only on paper .

edit : 4 some reason , in d examples i gave , Froch & Collins r somewhat different than d rest in d sense that they were much less avoided by d rest of d best , but that's about where d difference between them and d rest of d names i gave ends .

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