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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

Florian v Sherk

A fitting battle for the re-instated 155 belt. A hard fought contest, with Sherk sweeping the rounds 5-0 on my card but Kenny had his fleeting moments and was always in the fight.That elbow from Kenny in the 2nd to Sean's forehead left the canvass looking like and aborted Jackson Pollock painting. Sherk passes the guard into side control and goes for an armbar but Kenny hit a beautiful sweep and reversal in the 1st round but there was much time left on the clock to make it count. Really impressed with Sherk. Of course his takedowns are top notch and won him the fight, but his short hooks and uppercuts on the inside constantly back Kenny up, and as the fight wore on Sherk timed Kenny's jab perfectly with a counter hook. But on the mat is where the majority of the action took place. This in unfairly regarded as a l'n'p fest, but the action is relentless. Sherk sets a very high tempo and he was constantly looking for subs on the mat. If they both weren't so slippery with blood Sean may have got the tap with an armbar in the 3rd and an rnc in the 4th. But Kenny hung tough and deserves credit

I think that if this version of Sherk was around at 145 today, he'd be Jose Aldo's worst nightmare.
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