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Default Re: The what MMA Fights did you watch today/scorecard Thread

Just watched it.

Rd. 1

The first couple of minutes have Machida landing inside leg kicks with very little behind them, and Rampage waiting for an opportunity to counter. Rampage initiates a clinch against the cage where he throws knees and elbows to Lyoto's thighs, more in an attempt to stay busy than anything. He lands some decent shots on the exit, but they seemed to have little to no effect on Lyoto. Lyoto lands a very nice kick to Jackson's midsection; probably the most effective blow of the round. We finish up with some more clinch work and tentativeness.

Rampage threw a couple flurries throughout the round, but it was hard to tell if anything really landed. He was the aggressor, and he had the edge in the clinch work, but honestly, I think this round should be a draw. Perhaps even a slight edge to Machida, but it was such an uneventful round.

I'm going draw: 10-10

Rd. 2

The second round starts with Machida landing his signature knee to the body, as well as a kick. Rampage proceeds to muscle him to the cage and continues what he was doing in the previous round; knees to the thighs and some ineffective body shots. After an accidental low blow, they are reset in the middle of the cage. A whole of feinting followed by a clinch initiated once again by Rampage. From there, Rampage is able to secure a nice takedown, and earn some much needed points in what had been a very lacklustre affair. However, he does nothing with it, and Machida returns to his feet and they clinch again. After a brief period of more feinting, they clinch up once again, and Rampage gets the better of the exchanges before they once again break apart. Lyoto lands another very nice knee to the body, but is met by an uppercut as he backs away. So far this is Rampages best strike of the fight. The rest of the round takes place in the clinch, where neither guy does a whole lot of anything. At first glance, it appears that Machida drops him with a big left at the very end, but I think the punch missed and while Rampage was off balance, Lyoto took advantage and pushed him to the canvas.

The two most significant events in this round were probably the takedown, and Rampages uppercut. Lyoto landed a couple nice knees to the body, but they weren't enough for me. I give this round to Rampage.

20-19 Rampage going into the third.

Rd. 3

I'm not going to PBP this one, because it is the most definitive round of the fight, by far.

10-9 Machida

So I officially score it a draw, but I walk away feeling that Machida is the victor. If I didn't believe in draw rounds, I would have him up 2-1.
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