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Default Re: Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
-Pirog's mandatory is due June 25th

-Pirog and N'jikam in talks for a fight April 6th although nothing signed when Pirog injures his left shoulder.

-Pirog wants to hold the fight May 1st instead which is less than a month later and almost 2 months before his mandatory is due.

- Out of nowhere N'jikam signs to fight Maksym Bursak. It's obvious that they must have secretly been in talks the entire time since no one puts together a fight in 2 or 3 days.

- WBO says N'jikam-Bursak to be for the WBO interm belt. A Interm belt is supposed to be issued when a Champion is unable to fulfill their mandatory obligation due to injury. Pirog's May 1st fight proposal would have fulfilled that obligation two months early.

- Ni'jikam fought Bursak May 4th, Pirog fought replacement Ishida May 1st on the date he had wanted to fight N'jikam originally. It had nothing to do with N'jikam not wanting to wait the 3 additional weeks after Pirog injured his shoulder as he acutally fought after the May 1st date Pirog wanted.

- WBO says that the winner will be Pirog's mandatory and that he must face them within 120 days which would be in September. This is what runied his Unification with Geale in spite of the fact that Unifications are supposed to superceed mandatories. Even more absurd when you consider how Pirog was willing to face his mandatory but N'jikam ducked the fight.

So if Pirog vs Golovkin happens Aug 25 then Pirog will probably be stripped and the WBO belt handed to N'jikam and his dream of getting a belt for doing absolutely nothing after ducking everybody will come true. He is a utter ****ing disgrace to the sport.
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