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Default Re: Who is Vladimir Virchis? A piece of info...

Originally Posted by one man gang
Odo, I respect your opinion as I do always but Virchis is a limited fighter and I do not think he will get far. He will never be a real top 10 fighter.
Of course he is a very limited fighter.Have never claimed that he is a very skilled fighter.Hey,but neither is Peter,and he is among the top 10 of all important box mags or internet sites.
Peter is as limited as Virchis,and I for my part think that Virchis has the upper hand in firepower.
Rightly matched,Virchis for sure can win a world title.
As long as you dont match him with a fast mover like Ibragimov or the undisputed number 1 at the big boys' league Virchis can beat anyone in front of him.
I dont know and cant understand why people here on esb tend to overrate American or American based fighters and underrate fighters from countries of the former soviet union.
Belarus beat the mighty American amateur squad quite convincingly when they met each other last time.Most American fighters have padded records anyway!
A very average heavy like Briggs gets a title shot-there are quite a lot of Briggs out there in the countries of the former soviet union.A lot of them doent turn pro due to a bunch of different reasons,and the pro fighters from there dont get a title shot that easily.
Who do you think would be the winner of Briggs vs Virchis,or Peter vs Virchis?
A fighter like Gaidarbekov who schooled and stopped the American Lacy in his last amateur fight didnt turn pro,but his American counterpart did.
Do you think that Lacy is that known worldwide due to his outstanding skills?
He couldnt hold a candle to Gaidarbekov,and there are a handful of fighters in countries of former soviet union who could beat the **** out of that American.However,Lacy is American which means that careful matchmaking and the feeding of a few no-hopers makes him easily a recognisable name out there.
He even got a shot at Joe's title who exposed his limitations quite brutally.
The right passport makes a huge difference in the paid ranks.
At the amateurs Americans cant hold a candle to their Ukranian,Russian ,or Cuban counterparts.
American fighters are totally overrated IMO.
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