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Default The Blond Devil - A Forgotten Great.

Euclides Pereira. "The Blond Devil".

Just now rummaging through some old stuff I found an old Tatame Magazine were they did an interview with Euclides Pereira, a fighter from the Old Vale Tudo days.....I thought would be fun to share .

Some of his words:
"Tatame: Who were your bigger rivals ?

EP - I did more than 570 fights (if this is true this is ****ing outstanding ) with all the big names in Brazil at that time. Without a doubt my biggest rivals were Ivan Gomes, Waldemar Santana and Carlson Gracie.
I fought Carlson once and I won. Fought Waldemar 6 times, 5 wins and 1 draw. But my toughest rival always was Ivan (Ivan Gomes) with him I fought 5 times, all ended in draws"

T: How was the Fight (with Carlson Gracie) ?

EP- It was a great fight.
I beat him by points. Almost 25 thousand people in Fonte Nova (the biggest Stadium in Bahia, actually the most famous Stadium in Northeast).

T: What do you remember about the fight ?

EP- 5 rounds of 10 minutes we did it until the end. I dropped him, beat him the edge was mine.
But Helio Gracie wasnīt convinced and told to the press that it wasnīt serious because I ran out of the ring....

With all due respect to Carlson, I tought that would be harder and wasnīt.
I beat him by a good margin.

T: You always trained many styles of fighting ?

EP- Always believed that the Vale-Tudo fighter must train all the styles. I was training Boxing, Capoeira, Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, these four.

T: Which fighter you admire today ?

EP- Minotauro.
Not only inside the octogon, but also because his story is similar to mine.

T: Whatīs the importance of the Gracie Family to ValeTudo ?

EP- They created this but letīs not forget that Waldemar Santana was a creator as well. In the North/Northeast he was the man that brought all the Vale-Tudo things.
Tatame #143

Cool thing about him:

Also, he is not the guy who beat Carlson......He was the first man to defeat Rei Zulu. Interesting to say that Euclides was past his best against King Zulu.

What a tough man.....just for the record, the North/Northeast is the place where nowadays the best brazilian fighters are coming from, the quantity of fighters from there is great......and since those days a place where tough men born......Euclides is a great example of that.

Here there is an interview with him....but the subtitles are a bit weird, missing many things Euclides said.

And another detail......Euclides was always smaller than his opponents....certainly smaller than Waldemar Sanata, Carlson or Ivan Gomes......

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