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Default Re: Most people dont know how to score a fight.

I'd just have more judges for the bigger fights. Assuming none of them are corrupt, more judges would presumably cancel out the ones having an off night. People collect the scores from journalists at ringside, have there been any notable examples of them (in the majority) getting it wrong?

I can sort of see the arguement that it's a bit unfair that winning a clear round and a close round are worth the same, but that's the sport. A 1-0 win in football is worth the same amount of points as a 6-0 win.

Equally, scoring rounds 9-9 is basically the same as scoring them 10-10, but the rules of the sport dictate 10 points have to be given to someone (barring deductions). Yeah, you can make up your own criteria if you want, but what's the point?
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