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Default Re: Who is Vladimir Virchis? A piece of info...

Its a question of who you match him against. Dont match him against fast elusive fighters with quick hands cos they ll make him look extremely bad, guaranteed. He probably should have lost a decision to sprott as well, btw. On another note, I was attending his fight against Chagaev and tell yer Chagaev won the match fair and square, was 3 to 4 rounds up on my card and I was surprised when hearing it got ruled a MD, but then I had expected a gruelling in your face thriller and what I got instead was a pretty lame affair.

Virchis should only be matched against slow and stationary people and if so can provide us with some power packed entertaining showings that include a rather high probablity to have one or both of them hit the canvas, but match him against akinwande and the likes and hed have to tie up Henrys legs before he could think of connecting on him
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