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Default Re: Full scorecards only! Bradley vs. Pacquiao

Originally Posted by klion22 View Post
Lol, u thought round 1 was clear? That's all i need to know.
yes. just watched it about an hour ago. bradley was doing well, but most of his shots were being blocked. nothing was actually happening until the final minute where bradley connected on a good counter while pac stole the round emphatically in the final 30 to 25 seconds. clear round for pac. the 2nd round was closer. watching it live, i thought 1st was close and 2nd round was a clear pac round.

so you thought round 9 was bradley's? bradley was hitting pac's gloves with his flurries, pac tagged him with a straight left that backed him in the first 30 secs. pac and bradley exchanged from the last 2 minutes where pac getting the best out of him and was forced to clinch at 1:20 left. continued exchanging where bradley got some nice uppercuts after some wicked pac right and left up to a minute remaining. continued with the exchanges, bradley getting some good shots of his own same as pac with a left overhand throwing bradley back with 21 secs left. bradley not exactly doing nothing but pac got the better of those exchanges and connected the more effective punches.
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