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Default Re: Will Vitali fight Haye after he does Manuel Charr?

Originally Posted by Robney View Post
No he won't...
He won't give up the WBC belt, wich he has to when he fights Haye anyway. So retirering or not, there will be no Haye fight next.
Come on man...

Suliman LOVES vitali, he will give him anything he wants, Vitali makes a quick call

V.K: "Mr Suliman, it's Vitali here"
J.S: "Ahh Mr Klitschko, how you doing champ?"
V.K: "Very good Mr S, I have a favour to ask"
J.S: "Whatever you need, big vit, what is it?"
V.K: "Can I fight Haye and keep my belt?"
J.S: "Of course you can, but only because you're so special to me big boy"
V.K: "Thanks Jose"
J.S: "Any time, you need anything else, a back rub? a colon inspection?"
V.K: "No thanks, bye"

There you go, fight made.
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