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Default Re: Will Vitali fight Haye after he does Manuel Charr?

Originally Posted by Phill-Mitchell View Post
Come on man...

Suliman LOVES vitali, he will give him anything he wants, Vitali makes a quick call

V.K: "Mr Suliman, it's Vitali here"
J.S: "Ahh Mr Klitschko, how you doing champ?"
V.K: "Very good Mr S, I have a favour to ask"
J.S: "Whatever you need, big vit, what is it?"
V.K: "Can I fight Haye and keep my belt?"
J.S: "Of course you can, but only because you're so special to me big boy"
V.K: "Thanks Jose"
J.S: "Any time, you need anything else, a back rub? a colon inspection?"
V.K: "No thanks, bye"

There you go, fight made.

The WBC (and Jose) is as corrupt as it can be, but when they make a statement they don't make a 180 turn afterwards like the WBA.
They made a big issue of Haye not being ranked by the WBC regardless of the outcome of the Chisora bout, and I believe they would max give Vitali a "in recess" status in that case.
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