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Default Re: End all debate, Bradley Won Fair and Square - So Says The Dark Lord

Originally Posted by SouthpawSlayer View Post
i had a gang of lads around watching the fight we were all ****ed up and taking some ****ing lovely coke, we could not hear the commentators and we had bradley getting at least 5 rounds, the first and last four

how anyone could give it 118 to 110 is beyond me

pacman looked ****ing terrible as primadonna has said, his ass is finished and should retire but he needs the money after uncle bob has robbed him over teh last few years
****ed being the key part.

The only possible way you can score it to Bradley is by counting punches blocked by Paquiao as landed. Paquiao's defence was very sound the entire fight, every time it looked like Bradley was going something decent he was hitting pac-mans gloves and arms, those are not scoring punches. Bradley did not land alot of scoring pucnches, no where near as many as Paquiao.
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