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Default Re: Killabee summer training

Thursday June 14th

Boxing practice (afternoon):

15-20min warmup with shadowboxing, footwork & coordination drills and some bodyweight strength exercises
5x3min sparring
3x3min heavy bag
2x3min heavy bag intervals (10 sec work / 10 sec rest)

To cool down, I did some light shadowboxing and some footwork drills. I feel much clumsier than before, especially when taking small steps. Lots of shadowboxing and rope jumping is needed when it's time to cut weight.

Core circuit (evening):
4 rounds, first 60 secs, then 45, 30, 15, 30 sec rest between rounds. As many reps as I possibly could without sacrificing form.

Sit-up variation (V-up without raising your legs)
Back extensions
Russian twists

Afterwards I did 3 sets of ab wheel rollouts, around 10 reps each (knees on the ground).

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