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Default Re: Hardest Hitting Heavyweight

Originally Posted by Webbiano View Post
Shavers right hand, however an accumulation of both he could very well be near the bottom. I'd take Foreman with the combination of both.
For whatever it's worth, every single common opponent of both Shavers and Foreman, Ali, Young, Lyle, Norton, Caldwell and Polite, all rated Earnie's punching power as clearly superior to George's. No question that Foreman had vastly superior physical strength, but these six impeccably qualified first hand authorities were unanimous as to who was definitely the harder puncher, and it was not George.

All common opponents of Max Baer and Joe Louis rated Maxie's power far over Joe's for punch for punch concussive impact, and Hatchetman Sheppard was one sparring partner who agreed with this overwhelming consensus. Very significant that Braddock, Uzcudun and Schmeling were among those individuals, because they were on the receiving end of the three hardest single punches the Bomber ever delivered in competition. It was Joe's delivery, timing and placement that made him a superior knockout artist to the Larruper, not brute force.
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