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Default Re: Hardest Hitting Heavyweight

Originally Posted by SJS19 View Post
Shavers' left hand was void of any real power. Strange when you consider the thunder in his right hand.
He decked Lyle with his left (on film), and Ron was in very serious trouble, having great difficulty beating the count. When he got to his feet, the bell saved him before Earnie had a chance to follow up.

It was a Shavers left hook that initially stunned Norton (on a live ABC broadcast), and sent Kenny on the path to ruin. (Cosell made sure before the bell to let viewers know that "his left is good too!")

Jimmy Young was only ever decked by Earnie. Shavers did it in both their bouts, and the left hook was responsible both times.

"He hit me, and the floor came up!"-Ron Lyle, in describing what it was like to be decked by Earnie's left.

Not sure why this myth about Shavers being a one handed puncher keeps persisting. Earnie was no Ingo. What he did to Norton, Lyle and Young does nothing to support the myth that his "left hand was void of any real power."
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