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Default Re: Hardest Hitting Heavyweight

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Tillis and Holmes seem to have made it pretty clear that Earnie's force was superior to Mike's, and they're the two common opponents of both. Shavers nearly destroyed James with a single right hand, obviously infinitely more devastating than anything Tyson unloaded on Tillis. Earnie has indicated that the right he floored Larry with may well have been the hardest single shot he landed in his career, and Holmes has also been quoted as saying that was indeed the hardest blow he was ever on the receiving end of. Certainly, Tyson was the far more effective and accurate puncher, but he seems disqualified as the harder hitter based upon the accounts of Holmes and Tillis.
I don't give a **** what Holmes said, at the end of the day it was Tyson who KOed him, not Shavers. And Tillis, like a lot of Shavers's opponents, not only withstood Shavers's vaunted power, but got up to beat his ass. Fair enough, Holmes and Lyle I can let slide, but not Tillis or Mercado. Those guys should have been gone the first time Shavers landed flush, if he truly hit as hard as his reputation says he did. When did anyone ever get up from a Tua KD to win the fight? Only once, to my knowledge, in the final fight of his career when he was old and shot. Shavers had it happen to him throughout his career.
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