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Default Re: Classic Forum -Talk About Anything (Mods please dont move)

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post
Too many to list!

Boxed Ears is probably P4P #1.

Scholars (McGrain, Stonehands, Duodenum, Flea Man)
Gents (Kalasinn, Threetime No1, Sangria, lufcrazy, Thread Stealer)
Contrarians (Seamus, PowerPuncher)
Fanatics (duranimal)
Weirdos (frankenfrank, Foreman Hook)

And probably too much time spent on here. The sheer amount of English lingo and terms I've picked up and started using in everyday life is startling.

I Bronson getting Samantha's WAR hat and having her think it's so smooth she doesn't mind anymore.
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