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Default Re: Kazuto Ioka vs. Akira Yaegashi RBR

Round 1

Ioka jabs the body. Yaegashi circles left, very wide out. Both squatting a bit low, legs splayed for sturdier balance. Yaegashi dives in with a right to the body and darts back out. Ioka tries to plant more jabs to the body from outside. The crowds are reacting to every thrown or feinted blow from either with oohs and ahhs. Feeling out process over the first minute. Yaegashi the only one consistently trying to close the gap, but doing so carefully, darting in with right hands to the body and back out quickly. Ioka turns steadily, lunging forward with his lead leg and extending the jab on its descent and then raking both limbs back in. Yaegashi steps in, hooks above the belt, back out. Yaegashi lands some really nice body shots with both hands moving straight inside and bracing up against Ioka.

10-9 Yaegashi
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