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Default Re: Kazuto Ioka vs. Akira Yaegashi RBR

Round 5

Yaegashi is in beast mode now, throwing the 1-2-3 combo. Jab, cross, hook! Jab, cross, hook!! Ioka isn't expecting this much activity and shells up, drifting backwards with his feet close together and arms pinned up by his face as Yaegashi hammers away. Ioka hurt!!! Backing up almost into a corner. Yaegashi is taking a step back, trying to determine where Ioka's going, roaming left or right to cut him off. IOKA COMES ALIVE, taking a lunging step in on bent knee and firing off a combo to the body!! Yaegashi is backed up momentarily. LEAPING UPPERCUT by Yaegashi. They circle at close range and trade jabs, each man wary of the other's power now. BIG RIGHT HAND BY YAEGASHI!

10-9 Yaegashi

48-47 Yaegashi
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