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Default Re: Kazuto Ioka vs. Akira Yaegashi RBR

Round 6

Ioka jabs and moves. Yaegashi jumps in and flurries to the body. Ioka keeps moving, backstepping, pivoting, pushing down on the back of Yaegashi's head when he jumps in. The fight is paused to look at the cut & purple bruising over Yaegashi's left eye. Wild upper-hooks by Yaegashi, his footwork all over the place now...maybe susceptible to a flash knockdown if Ioka times a bomb well enough. Ioka opts instead to just work nice short straight counters in rapid succession. LEFT HOOK dug hard to the body by Yaegashi. Ioka gets out behind his jab. BIG 1-2 by Ioka!! Yaegashi flies in with a superman right hand and grazes as Ioka pulls back and then snaps forward with a bowstring counter 1-2.

10-9 Ioka

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