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Default Re: mayweather legacy set very high after cotto win. here is y

Originally Posted by DogTheBountyMan View Post
Floyd career too carefully calculated.
he will leave with huge $ But legacy suffered.
future gens will note pac taking down FOTD winning in more divisions and breaking down Barrera in 03 is not gonna,be topped for a long time.
floyd's ducking has been overrated.

he fought the best at 130 and 135. castillo and corrales.

he didn't do much at 140 but he tried to get a fight made with both kostya and cotto. cotto turned it down and kostya losing to hatton screwed it up.

it wasn't 'til floyd became big money (post delahoya/hatton) that he became more calculated.

only thing you can criticize floyd about is retiring when he did.

maybe marg but can't blame him with more money on the table with others.

and maybe pac but that blame you can put on both sides.
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