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Default Re: mayweather legacy set very high after cotto win. here is y

Originally Posted by JASPER View Post
Gatti was the money man at 140. Zu never happened because PBF promoter at the time, you might have heard of him Bob Arum.

PBF announced that he was gonna fight one more fight (because he broke his hand and he needed a rest) after the Baldmir fight. At that time Cotto was at 140 and SSM was at 154, the division heated up a bit after that time . . . unless you think that ****ing bum Margocheato was ever anything. Oh Yes, I forgot uncle Bob was saying he would pay PBF a career high payday 8mill to fight him. But wait a second . . . he fought Baldy instead of the Plaster master for 8mill for the green belt and lineal title (Baldy was rated Number 1 in the division at the time BTW). Then he fought the Big money fight against ODLH @ 154 (But Margo was a bigger threat at 147 right?) Then he fought the big money fight against hatton for more than double of a margo fight.

Chico was a rated higher and was #5 p4p when he had a unification bout against PBF @135. Man people who did not start watching boxing until Pac came around should really stop talking ****
Diego at 135 really ? YDKSAB
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