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Default Re: mayweather legacy set very high after cotto win. here is y

Originally Posted by Left Hook Tua View Post
so much wrong info in one post.

kostya fight never happened because he lost to hatton. pbf offered tszyu a fight but hatton offered tszyu more money. (floyd wasn't big money yet , hatton was in england) if kostya had beat hatton , we might have seen kostya-pbf. kostya fought hatton first and was planning to fight floyd after.

cotto was at 140 and mosley was at 154 but they were 147 by the time floyd fought baldomir.

and "plaster" marg who you dismiss was a good fight. he was #1 RING contender at 147 for a long time. none of the RING/lineal champs wanted to fight him at the time.

and corrales-mayweather was 130 not 135.
Actually, PBF, Hatton and Zu where in a strange dance at the time and Hatton and Zu made more sense financially. In other words Uncle Bob would not give him Cotto and could not make Hatton, or Zu . . . no wonder he left TR.

PBF fought Baldy nov 2006, SSM fought Vargas in July of that year and dropped back down in feb 2007 AFTER the fight and Cotto fought his first fight @WW in December after the Baldy fight. Its really not that hard to look up you really should have done that before you started typing

**** Margo so what if his plaster ass was "rank" number one. he was only a product of Top rank hype Machine and only beat one elite fighter because he had loaded gloves. Baldy was the recognized champ when he beat Zab and that is who PBF beat for 8mill (which is the same money Uncle bob had offered him) BTW when pbf fought Zab people where saying he was ducking Baldy.
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